Service, Installation & Repair

Sprinkler System Service

Spring Start-Up

  • Our experts will program the controller, and check for leaks and optimal spray coverage

Fall Winterization

  • We'll purge the water lines, drain remaining water, and shut off the controller.

New Sprinkler Systems

Show us your plans for landscape, decks, or patio for design constraints

  • We walk the property, allowing you to direct us from one point of interest to another.
  • We listen and observe until we have a gained a good understanding of design constraints.

We prepare your sprinkler layout

  • We list the number of zones and types of sprinklers in the design.
  • We list shrub sprinklers based on your landscape design.
  • We provide diagrams and pictures to illustrate our ideas.

Once you have approved your new sprinkler system plan we send out one of our experienced installation crews

  • We supply all of our crews with the best tools and equipment available so that we can maintain our superior quality standards.
  • We follow a predetermined plan throughout the entire phase of the job.
  • In order to be as efficient and to meet our completion deadline, we prioritize each task.

Sprinkler Repairs

  • Water pipe repairs, sprinkler head adjustments and replacements, valve replacements

Lawn Sprinklers

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Spring Start Up
  • Fall Winterization Blow Out
  • Repair or Replace Sprinkler Parts
  • Quality Brands such as Hunter, Rain Bird, Rid O Rust
  • Water Line Repairs
  • Valve Repairs
  • Adjust Spray Patterns