Landscape Clean Up & Maintenance

Mulch, Prep Beds, Trimming, Leaves

Mulch & Spring Clean Up

Choose the services you need to create a fresh, clean look for the summer.

Prep work to landscape flower beds

  • Blow out the leaves and light debris, remove garbage, twigs, and weeds in the garden beds.

Edge landscape flower beds

  • We put a fresh edge on all the beds based on your preference and always contact MISS DIG for safety.

Mulch the landscape flower beds

  • Choose the type of mulch you prefer, we usually recommend hard wood, double-processed mulch throughout all gardens.
  • We mulch behind bushes and hard-to-reach places. We put a fresh topping of mulch in all the beds, approximately two inches deep to keep weeds under control and dispose of all debris we collected.

Leaf Removal & Fall Clean Up

Choose the Fall Cleanup services you need to preserve your lawn and landscape through the harsh winter months.

Prep work to landscape flower beds

  • We remove fallen branches, twigs, and debris. We blow-out the leaves and light debris, including the areas behind bushes and hard-to-reach places.

Remove leaves

  • We blow down into the grass and soil to bring up the debris clinging to the base of the lawn. When the blowers cannot bring up leaves and debris in the moist areas, we rake up the leaves into piles and dispose of them.

Clean Gutters

Trimming and Weeding

4 Seasons Outdoors can take care of tree and shrub trimming and weed control throughout the growing season.

Landscape Clean Up & Maintenance

  • Spring Landscape Clean Up
  • Fall Landscape Clean Up
  • Apply Mulch
  • Edge Flower Beds
  • Trim Trees and Shrubs
  • Remove Leaves
  • Prep Flower Beds
  • Control Weeds
  • Clean Gutters